Study Shows The Amount Of People You’re Allowed To Sleep With Before You’re Considered Loose

The magic number.

Everyone’s got their own personal magic number of how many people they’ve had sex with, and they’ve also got their preference in the ideal number for a partner.

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Although this differs from person to person, a study of more than 2000 people in the US and Europe has revealed an average number of how many sexual partners people have had in their lifetime as well as an average number for how many sexual partners was considered “too promiscuous”.

The Superdrug Survey found that men have slept with an average of six people and women have slept with seven. Here’s a map that shows the averages across Europe, showing that when it comes to sexual partners, the UK is definitely the loosest. Shock.

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The survey also showed that women who’ve had 14 or more sexual partners are considered too promiscuous by men (well I’m screwed) whereas women are more lenient, as the number is 15.

I think this number is pretty low, but then I guess this is averaged out across many countries – it would probably be far higher if the survey was only carried out in the UK.

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Also, if you worry that your number is too high then don’t fret, because only three in ten people reckon that a high number of sexual partners is a deal breaker. And in some people it is the opposite – the study also showed that around 17.5% of men had exaggerated the number of people they’d slept with in comparison to just 8.2% of women. I’m not really sure why you would do this unless you had literally slept with no one, but I guess some people feel insecure about this matter.

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Anyway, there you have it – the figures are out there for the world to see. As said, it shouldn’t really make a difference and as long as you’re practicing safe sex then you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. It’s too much masturbating that you should really be careful of.


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