Students Expelled Over Disturbing Jews Vs. Nazis Beer Pong Video

Jew v Nazi beer pong

Controversy in the common room.

A group of students at the elite Lovett School in Atlanta, US, have been suspended or expelled after photos of them emerged online playing ‘Jews Vs. Nazis’ beer pong.

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The pictures, which were uploaded to Snapchat, show cups arranged in a swastika on one side of the table and the star of David on the other.

So far four students who were involved in the controversy have been expelled from the $27,720 a year prep school, while the one who set up the game has been expelled after Rabbi Peter Berg told the headmaster about what they had done.

Rabbi Berg said:

The fact that someone could even conceive of such a game, and then play it and think it’s funny is beyond words.

We as a community, as a country, have to get our hands and wrap our hands around the problem of hate speech in general, to understand how horrifying that image is to Jewish people.

Obviously since the Second World War ended there’s never been a good time to whack out a ‘Jews Vs. Nazis’ party game, but it’s particularly controversial at this time when the Anti-Defamation League just recently reported an 86% spike in anti-Semitic cases in the US over the past 18 months. These guys are perhaps a solid example of how normalised it is to poke fun at racial segregation.

Although when it comes to who is to blame for this sudden spike, I think we all know who the catalyst is in this situation. Just saying.


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