A Student Has Been Suspended For Loving Chicken Nuggets Too Much


I can totally relate.

If there’s one food out there that always does the job for me no matter what the time or the place, then it’s chicken nuggets. So I can perfectly understand why the guy in this story was so desperate to have one extra for his lunch.

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His name is Carson Koller and he’s a high school senior at Farragut High School in Knoxville, Tennessee. Recently, this kid committed the shocking crime of putting six nuggets on his plate instead of the usual five.

Anyway, Koller got royally fucked for his indiscretion, getting briefly suspended from school. However, a quick investigation found that Koller had actually been charged three times for his meal as a result of putting the extra nugget on his plate and his mother successfully argued that it couldn’t exactly be theft if the kid had actually paid for his meal three times. Nobody even knew what the third charge was for and it turned out to be a massive mistake in the end anyway. Smooth.

Koller’s mother was actually pretty happy with the way the school handled the (non) incident after she wrote an angry Facebook status about it and confronted them. Classic 2016 tactics:

You’ve gotta love it when people act reasonably about a misunderstanding and it gets sorted out to the extent that everyone is happy. Doesn’t happen enough. I would have liked to see a picture of this kid dressed up as a nugget bandit though, that’s my only regret about this incident.

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