Student Brags About Getting Scholarship Despite Being In US Illegally, Twitter Destroys Her


High school graduations are in full swing at the moment so naturally social media is being overrun with pictures and statuses from excited teenagers bigging themselves up, but one girl’s Tweet was just a little too braggadocious for her own good.

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Mayte Lara, who is originally from Mexico and who attended Crockett High School in Austin, Texas, Tweeted the following (since deleted):

Valedictorian, 4.5GPA, full tuition paid for at UT, 13 cords and medals, nice legs, oh and I’m undocumented.


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Whoops. It was those last 4 words that prompted social media to give her a rough time of it:

Not nice to have the whole world gunning you like that really, is it? People even sending Trump memes at her FFS. Mayte has since deleted her Twitter account and will probably keep off social media in general for a while. Watch what you Tweet, folks.

P.S. She’s still going to uni for free and still has those #nicelegs so it’s not all bad news. Although some might say that going to uni at all is a complete waste of time.


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