Struggling Rapper Starts On 50 Cent While He’s On A Date And Gets Put In His Place (VIDEO)

How not to approach a rapper 101.

50 Cent was not having it when an aspiring rapper ran up on him and tried to get his attention while the G-unit boss was on a date .

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The wannabe, apparently a New Jersey rapper named NFL Dume, tries to hassle 50 Cent into checking out his Instagram and gets a bit too aggressive for 50’s liking. In fact pretty sure 50 would have given him a slap if the camera wasn’t there:

So yeah, instead of bringing a mixtape or USB stick with him so 50 could check out his music later, this absolute dunce just starts yelling at him about checking out his Instagram. Like 50 tells him, what the fuck is that going to achieve? This guy took the time to stalk 50 Cent and interrupt his date but didn’t actually have a plan of what to say or do when he got face to face with him.

Actually shocked that 50 Cent took it so easy on him. Guy came in way too aggressive and overbearing and the whole meeting just backfired in his face. Let’s hope he learnt something from this experience and comes with a different strategy the next time he corners Gucci Mane in an Icelandic lagoon.


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