Watch These Two Strippers Lose Their Clothes As They Fight Dirty In A Car Park

Women fight carpark

Free strip tease.

A video has emerged this week of two strippers over in the US settling a disagreement in the only way strippers know how – by having a cat fight in the middle of the streets.

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Not really sure why no one intervened and stopped them but I reckon it was something to do with the fact that the girl in the crop top has somehow managed to strip naked her opponent and they’re left writhing around in the street together. The guys filming certainly seem to be enjoying the free strip show.

Not entirely sure how this fight started but apparently it was some sort of dispute over payment. It usually is with this sort of thing.

To see a less sexy version of this fight, check out the video of a brawl that broke out between two women in the UK, leaving one of them having to quite literally hold her tits in.


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