Koscierzyna Railway Station

Blood starts bubbling out of drains in Polish town.

Koscierzyna Railway Station

Imagine this. One day, you’re walking to work/walking the dog/walking to the shop for a pack of ten/walking to the pub for a cheeky pint and suddenly blood starts bubbling and flowing out of the drains in the street. You would shit yourself, right?I would. I’d run like fvck. I really would think that those plebs who predicted the world ending in 2012 were actually right.

Zombies and other hideous creatures, like the Chuckle Brothers, with an unquenchable bloodlust roaming the sewers – that’s what I’d think had caused it. After dragging people down there and ripping them up, it’s their blood mixing with the filthy sewer muck that’s oozing onto the street. Probably all the zombie shows and movies I’ve been watching though, that is. Even worse than the zombie idea would be that the blood was a barrage of period clots being flushed away. Grim. I could go on with what I’d think the blood was but it’ll get boring…

The point of this article is that blood really did start bubbling out of drains in the Polish town of Koscierzyna. Never heard of the place? Nah, I haven’t either, but that’s not really a surprise considering it’s home to a meagre amount of 24,000 people, the main tourist attraction is a railway museum (pictured above) and the last notable person to have come from there was a guy called Hugo Neumann (a politician and a writer) who died way back in 1962. Sounds pretty shitty doesn’t it? And boring. So, as you can imagine, when blood started gushing out of the sewers, everyone in the place nearly had a heart attack.

Apparently, there was so much blood it flowed like a river along the streets and left puddles of the stuff everywhere. However, far from it being caused by flesh-eating bastards or anything anywhere near as cool, an investigation showed that the blood was from a meat processing plant and had risen to the streets because of a blocked drain. Fears of the end of the world were put to bed after that, I can imagine. Not very hygienic, though, is it? Especially when there are two schools situated where the blood was flowing, and also when you consider that the blood was on its way towards a local market. It could have caused some disgusting health issues – had it not been stopped.

The blood was removed pretty quickly, though, but I wouldn’t want to be the person sorting out that blocked drain. Imagine the stink and the mess.

Here’s a quick video of what one of the streets looked like with the blood coming out of the drains. This is strangely the only video we could find on the internet so we apologise about its quality, but on the plus side you have got an old southern gentleman commentating on it as well.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkSgud9eAMA’]


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