Cocky Dude Gets His Head Knocked Into The Next Dimension By Gangster Carrying Groceries (VIDEO)

“Is he OK?” “… no, he is not”.

How often does getting in a stranger’s face and chatting shit work out for someone? If the Internet’s taught us anything after all these years – the answer is ‘not often’.

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Here’s what happened when a typical Tapout/Affliction wearing American dude picked a fight with a badass Mexican in short-sleeved plaid:

Well, that was definitely not his first fight. Usually not a fan of kicking someone when they’re down but I think it’s allowed if you’re holding shopping bags at the same time? Either way someone should let Tapout Bro know that’s it’s OK to defend yourself instead of standing there and getting your face smashed to smithereens.

To watch a similar KO in glorious iPhone slow-motion, click HERE.


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