So sick chirpse has been online for about a week now and I guess you might have noticed that we have a player in the top right hand corner of the site. No? It’s right up there by the JAYOU banner. Go up there and click it. You’ll love it, I promise. Yeah so basically the idea is that every now and again we’ll blog about some new artist/DJ/whatever we like and stick some of his tracks up there so everyone can listen to it. Right now, we’re streaming the new album ‘All Day’ by internet mashup sensation GIRL TALK. He doesn’t know we’re streaming it but I met him once at a gig in London and he seemed like a cool dude and wanted to come and smoke weed with me but couldn’t as he had to catch a plane back to the states so I’m sure he would be ok with it. He gives away his music for free anyway so I doubt he gives a shit.

So yeah, GIRL TALK, what’s the deal? Not that many people in England seem to know about GIRL TALK – this was kind of exemplified by the fact that the last time I went to see one of his shows in England 90% of the people in attendance were American – but he can sell out huge venues in New York in like two hours or something. In fairness, had I not lived in Toronto for a year in college dorms I might not have heard of him either – he was pretty big on the college scene over there.

Basically, GIRL TALK mashes up pop, rock and hip hop songs to create awesome ‘remixes’ which features dozens of samples per ‘song’. GIRL TALK himself says that his albums are meant to be listened to continuously (you can actually download them as a single track from his website). and he only breaks them up into tracks for the ease of the listener to find certain parts. Anyway it’s fvcking awesome and if you actually bothered to click the play button when I told you to you’ll be knowing this as you’ll be listening to it as you’re reading this. If you didn’t, what the hell are you waiting for?

GIRL TALK’s live shows are some of the best I have ever had the pleasure of attending, and i’ve been to see a bunch of live music in my life.  Basically he just gets on his laptop on the stage and everyone jumps up on stage with him and dances around for a couple of hours while he does his thing. He normally climbs up a bunch of shit and jumps in the crowd too. The best thing is though his set is completely different from his albums – sure he uses some of the same samples but never mashed up as they are on the album – so it’s a completely unique and wild experience. Check out some of the pictures from some of his shows. Like someone I know once said: ‘he knows how to start a fvcking party’. Crazy.

GIRL TALK has five albums but I don’t think the first two are that good so just get Night Ripper and Feed The Animals after you’re finished with the one streaming on the site.


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