Stray Dogs Are Turning Bright Blue After Swimming In Polluted River

Blue dog

Smurf dogs.

Several dogs in India have been spotted with bright blue fur, allegedly after they swam in a polluted river.

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Around five dogs so far have been spotted with the Smurf-blue fur. Apparently the animals regularly swim in a stretch of river in Navi Mumbai to cool down and look for scraps of food, but authorities worry that industrial dye has been pumped into the water after the discovery of the blue dogs.

It looks pretty trippy, doesn’t it? Animal protection officer Arati Chauhan said:

It was shocking to see how the dog’s white fur had turned completely blue. We have spotted almost five such dogs here and have asked the pollution control board to act against such industries.

They reckon the dye could be from products used to make laundry detergents. The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) said that nearby waste treatment was not adequate, adding that the water lacked oxygen and was polluted with high levels of toxic chloride.

Meanwhile Yogesh Pagade, a local fisherman said:

After numerous complaints to MPCB over the years, only the stench at Kasadi has reduced. However, the pollution levels continue to be extremely high and dissolved oxygen is negligible.

Although this issue has clearly been ignored or disregarded for some time now, hopefully now that the local dogs are actually turning a bright shade of blue they’ll take note and do something about it. An MPCB spokesman said that the discharge of dye into water is illegal and they’re now taking action. As for the dogs? Hopefully the colour wears off and until then, I guess they’ve got to embrace their new hipster hairdos.

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