Subway Hero Shares Insane Story Of Stopping Serial Killer On Stabbing Spree After Cops Refuse To Help


Just your average commute.

It’s fair to say that living in a major city, you’re probably going to encounter some weirdos on the public transport system at some point in your life, but I hope to dear God I never have to meet anyone as crazy as the guy that this Joe Lozito dude ran into back in 2011.

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Joe tells his story of when he was attacked and stabbed by a crazed knifeman on the NYC subway in the video below and it is a real trip. It’s currently the third highest trending video on YouTube and has over half a million views in the day since it went up, and that should probably go some way to illustrating what a messed up story it is.

Probably best to just leave it there and let you enjoy it:

Whoa. So many messed up things about that, but probably most of all is that the cops didn’t bother helping him because they weren’t legally required to? What the actual heck? I can’t believe that’s even a real actual law over there – maybe that’s why Cracked made this video, in order to stop less people jumping in when they think that the cops might help them?

The way the judge ruled against him and he was treated completely shoddily in hospital and never received any credit for his actions is complete and utter crap as well, but I guess that’s just American culture in all its glory for you. Think twice before you try and save the day is what they’re essentially trying to say. Inspiring stuff.

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