Here’s The Story Behind The Viral Photo Of A Woman Who Defied An EDL Protestor


What an absolute legend.

A photo of a young woman completely mind-fucking a furious English Defence League protester has gone viral as a symbol of Birmingham’s defiance of the far right.

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The image was taken during the EDL demonstration in Birmingham city centre on Saturday. The prat in the EDL shirt is trying to stare down local resident Saffiya Khan, except she turns his brain into mush by not backing down and instead smiling bemusedly in his face:

Saffiya, who was eventually separated from the man by police sending them in different directions, says she stepped in to defend a friend who had been surrounded by an EDL crew:

I don’t like seeing people getting ganged up on in my town.

What an absolute nightmare for that EDL bloke – literally. Saffiya’s face is going to haunt his dreams forever. Smiling in the face of someone that hates you – what an absolute legend.

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