X Men Title Sequence In Stop Motion

Stop Motion X Men Cartoon

The X Men cartoon was one of the coolest cartoons I ever saw when I was growing up so it’s no surprise that somebody has recreated the title sequence in stop motion. It took them 2 months but it was probably worth it because it looks super cool.

Stop Motion X Men Cartoon

OK, so if you were anything like me when you were growing up then you would get up every Saturday morning and tune into Live and Kicking and sit through all the crappy competitions and whatever they were doing just so you could watch the X Men cartoon because it was like one of THE BEST cartoons ever made and had really awesome theme music. It just completely sucked that they would always split episodes into two halves so you could had to sit through fvcking Live and Kicking for ages to get to the second half. Really goddamn annoying that was. Why did they have to do that? I think later on X Men was on every day one summer too, that was a way better time, even if I had seen every episode. I’m guessing most people weren’t like me in that they started collecting comic books because they enjoyed the series so much, but hey maybe you might be having a better time in your life if you did right now.

Anyway, I always get pretty excited when stuff gets recreated in stop motion. I don’t really know why because it isn’t exactly supercool or anything but it’s definitely kinda cool and I guess it’s just a different way of reliving my youth or something. This particular stop motion is really cool, as as well as being one of the coolest cartoons on TV the X men cartoon also had a really awesome title sequence where all the X Men would use their powers and their names would come out and then they would attack sentinels or something. It completely ruled and just got you really pumped up for the show. It took the guy who made it 2 months to make it and I’m not sure who paid him to do this or what the reasoning was behind it but I’m super stoked that he did. He did it with action figures, 60 hand drawn background images and over 4000 individual pictures. That’s dedication but in fairness it looks even cooler than the original title sequence so was probably worth it. Check it out below:

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