Here’s Why You Need To Stop Drinking Jägerbombs Immediately


Deadly mix.

I’m sure we’re all guilty of getting a round of Jägerbombs in while out and about, but perhaps it’s time to switch to something a little less stimulating. According to a new study into the effects of drinking Jägerbombs, mixing alcohol with highly caffeinated drinks can increase the risk of injury.

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Researchers at Canada’s University of Victoria reviewed drinking habits on nights out and what they discovered was that the stimulating effect of caffeine can encourage people to stay out longer and drink more during the course of the night. In 10 out of the 13 studies they reviewed, published between 1981 and 2016, drinking booze and energy drinks is linked with an increased risk of accidents and fights.

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Audra Roemer, the lead author of the study, said:

Usually when you’re drinking alcohol, you get tired and you go home.

Energy drinks mask that, so people may underestimate how intoxicated they are, end up staying out later, consume more alcohol, and engage in risky behaviour and more hazardous drinking practices.

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I can probably back that with real-life experience. I’m pretty sure the only reason most people drink Jägerbombs is in order to add a little pep to the night. But at what risk? Probably best to just stick to our old, safe friend tequila. Especially when you factor in this study, which found that drinking a Jägerbomb is as bad for your health as doing a line of coke. It’s just not worth it.


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