Stoner Gives Incredible Answers When Reporters Ask Him About High Speed Chase With Police

This might be my most favourite interview in stoner history.

This dude over in Texas led police on an hour-long high speed chase through five counties before they finally stopped him by blowing out his tyres with spike strips and by shooting at them.

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Naturally the news crews wanted to talk to this kid, and he ended up giving them an absolutely fantastic interview.

Watch below:


And that’s probably the best interview you can hope for from a stoner who’s just been the subject of an hour-long police chase. From his pure shock that they actually shot his tyres out to his admittance that he always carries weed on him to being a completely unapologetic adrenaline junkie. He just can’t grasp the fact that he’s done anything wrong at all.

Also love his reasoning for why he runs from police — because he’s sick and tired of getting arrested for carrying weed. Just absolute perfect stoner logic right there.

Still my favourite stoner interview of all time though — this bait head being interviewed about a potential shooting at his high school.


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