Homeowners Can’t Work Out Why Their Fridge Keeps Getting Ransacked So Set Up A GoPro And Got Their Answer

Stoned Dog Raids Fridge

Turns out the dog had some killer munchies.

A regular family noticed that their labrador called Ellie was getting into their fridge whenever they went out and making a mess of everything. They couldn’t figure out how she was doing it so set up a GoPro to monitor the kitchen whilst they were out and got this amazing footage of Ellie being a total killer.

She literally opens the fridge and freezer and rummages through them like she’s trying to make her own sandwich. If I didn’t know better I would think that Ellie was one of those stoned dogs with the way that she was going through that fridge as there’s no rhyme or reason for it, she just seems desperate to find something to munch on.

Although she does completely destroy the place and leave the fridge door open, she should probably be commended for closing the freezer door. That’s manners right there.


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