Stone Cold Steve Austin Pooped His Pants When He Fought Yokozuna


There’s no denying that the world of professional wrestling is all kinds of crazy, but I didn’t think that this extended to people popping themselves during matches.

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This is exactly what happened during a match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Yokozuna though. the story has been the stuff of urban legend for some years now, but Stone Cold himself decided to confirm it during his appearance on hot ones as he chowed down on some chicken wings:

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A lot of times when you are doing international travel and there is a dietary change, things happen.

And man, Yok, he was 600lbs at the time.

When he picked me up and slammed me, things happened. Something went south. And luckily I was wearing black trunks.

And Yoko was so cool. He’s no longer with us. God rest his soul.

I was laying there on the mat and I just crapped my trunks. I looked at him and said, ‘Yok, let’s go home’.

And he’s so cool, he goes, ‘Okay, brah’. And we did the finish. I got beat and walked to the back and took a hell of a shower.

Jokes. I’m surprised that he’s willing to admit that because nobody likes someone who’s shit their pants, but I guess you have to admire his candour and the fact that he can laugh at how dumb the situation is. In the world of professional wrestling, that’s probably a pretty handy talent.

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