Sick Chirpse Sticker Competition

Sick Chirpse Stickers


Sick Chirpse Stickers

Now then, a lot of your have been asking us how you can get your hands on some of our sexy stickers, even offering to pay us in money and sexual favours. You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve just had 2000 stickers drop on our door step and there’s no point us keeping them all – we want you to do good with them and be rewarded for your efforts!

So we’re running a Sick Chirpse sticker competition. The prize is one of our new Senor Chirpse T-shirts, a Sick Chirpse iPhone cover, £20 transferred to your PayPal for an 1/8 of bud, crate of beer or whatever you want to spend it on, and free entry to our Sick Chirpse parties for the rest of the year.

To enter, it’s really simple. First up, get your ass on Twitter and follow us @SickChirpse

Next, tweet us a tweet which contains #ShowMeTheStickers – everyone who does this will be sent some stickers.

UPDATE: Once you’ve done that – e-mail us your address to

We’ll collect all the addresses over the weekend and send out all of the stickers on Monday.

When the stickers arrive, you have a week to place them in the most outrageous, comical, fucked up place, take a snap and Tweet it at us.

The best sticker placement wins the grand prize of the goody bag mentioned above. Winners will picked on Monday the 20th of Aug.

Good luck and keep chirpsin’.


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