This Is What Stevie From Malcolm In The Middle Looks Like Now

Stevie Malcolm

You definitely wouldn’t recognise him, let’s put it that way.

Malcolm In The Middle’s best friend Stevie – the black kid in the wheelchair that couldn’t breathe so good and was capable of some absolutely killer put downs – was easily one of the most memorable characters in the show, but the guy who played him, Craig Traylor, seems to have pretty much disappeared from the public eye following the end of the show.

It turns out that he’s actually spending time working as a tattooist now and looks absolutely nothing like the little wheelchair-bound boy we all remember from the show. He also seems pretty into body art (figures) and body mods as he has a bunch of tattoos himself and also has some massive plugs in his ears. Cool look. He stills acts from time to time and writes his own stuff too apparently as well.

Craig re-emerged after Chris Brown tweeted a video which has now been removed, which I assume was something related to Stevie. Here’s what Craig replied with, and a couple of his other tweets where you can see how he’s kicking it today:

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Pretty different huh? It’s crazy how people actually physically age as they get older. Who ever would have thought that could happen?

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