Steven Avery’s Lawyers Think He Will Be Completely Exonerated In A Matter Of Months

Steven Avery

It’s only a matter of time.

Following this bombshell on Monday, Steven Avery’s lawyers are saying that they expect him to be completely exonerated in a matter of months, without there even being a need for a trial.

Curtis Besse is the man behind the Steven Avery project which works with the Avery family to get reliable information and news out there to the public. In his latest interview, he had the following key statements to say about how Avery’s new lawyer was progressing with the case (you can watch the full thing below too):

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We’re not even looking for a new trial, we’re actually looking for an exoneration.

Zellner’s very confident, and Steven is also very confident that it’s not gonna take that much time. And we’re talking months here.

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Phone records, DNA, there’s alibis there that weren’t proven the first time that Zellner is taking to the next level and gone the extra mile to prove.

They’re going to show that the blood [in the RAV4] and the age of the blood, it’s not going to match up between the two.

Steven wants to spend a little time in Wisconsin just to be with his family and try to celebrate the exoneration. But then he plans to move out of Wisconsin because why would you want to put yourself around that any longer?

Well, that last part certainly makes sense but how exactly is Zellner going to do the rest of it? She’s seemed pretty confident since she took over the case, but getting a full exoneration in this short a time frame seems a completely unobtainable goal surely? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see but man if she did it then that really would be something.

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