Steven Avery’s Lawyer Reveals New Evidence That Proves His Innocence

Steven Avery

Making A Murderer 2 came out a month ago and has been every bit as much of a hit as the first serie as the saga of Steven Avery and Theresa Halbach marches on, with no real end in sight to be honest.

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As with he first series, there were a number of things that we didn’t see on the show that went down and Steven Avery’s lawyer Kathleen Zellner has finally taken to Twitter to spell some of these out for us. During her investigation of Halbach’s murder, this is the timeline of events that she’s been able to construct:

So yeah there you go – Halbach has basically solved the case there. It was Bobby and Scott all along. Whether or not they actually get convicted and Steven’s sentence is overturned is anyone’s guess because like I said at the start, it still seems like there’s a hell of a long way to go with this story before it’s anywhere near over. We’ll keep you posted.

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