Even Steven Avery’s Defence Lawyers Aren’t Convinced Of His Innocence

Steven Avery Defence Lawyers

Today’s new evidence in Making A Murderer.

It’s time for today’s Making A Murder update, and this time it comes courtesy of everybody’s favourite super buddy lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting.

They appeared on CBS’s This Morning today, and admitted that even they were unsure of Steven Avery’s innocence in the case. However, crucially in the eyes of the law, they also stated that they weren’t convinced of his guilt either – and that it definitely wasn’t ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

The pair also make the point that nobody else seems to have made: that Making A Murderer was only ten hours long, with three of those devoted to the trial and the trial itself ran over 200 hours. Hence, there’s no way that everything could have been included and although there’s been a lot of criticism about what was left out, the fact that the prosecution is so tetchy about what was left in almost signifies that they’re up to no good and worried about their conduct during the case. Therefore, obviously the situation isn’t as obvious as Making A Murderer made it, but that’s true on both sides.

Check out the full segment below, which almost criminally only runs for four minutes – there’s a couple of other good points in there too:

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So basically, even they don’t know the truth but they do a bit to debunk the criticism of the show and even add a few more questions in there for you. If the case does go to a retrial, then you can bet it’ll be even more explosive then the original show with all the developments that have happened since its premiere.

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