What could make that father/daughter incest story even grosser? Oh yeah, she’s pregnant with his kid.

So Sick Chirpse posted a video from the Steve Wilkos show last week in which a father was having an incestuous relationship with his daughter. Pretty gross right? Really gross. Well it turns out that that wasn’t their only appearance on the show and they filmed a follow up 36 days after the original episode.

In what can only be described as being even grosser than the original, the daughter reveals that she’s pregnant with the father’s baby and is desperate to keep it despite his reservations. Then we find out that father has been cheating on her the whole time despite saying all this crap about them being soulmates. Finally, the father attempts a reconciliation with the tearful daughter backstage. What do you think happens? That’s right. Pretty gross but kinda like essential viewing. Check it out below:



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