Steve Irwin’s Daughter Is Now All Grown Up And A Female Crocodile Hunter

Steve Irwin Daughter Featured

She’s a complete babe.

You might remember Steve irwin’s daughter Bindi from his famous TV show where she started making appearances from the age of 2. Well now she’s all grown up and she’s definitely her father’s daughter, as well as a complete babe.

She’s turning 17 next month and has spent her whole life living in a zoo which is clearly where she’s developed her passion for animals and conservation. She’s currently at school finishing a Business And Tourism programme, after which she plans to work full time in the Australia Zoo.

Here’s what Bindi had to say about her dad and why she loves animals and seems to get on so well with them:

I have spent my entire life living in a zoo, which is pretty crazy. Not many kids get to say that.

It took me until I was about three years old to realize that we didn’t just come to the zoo every day, that we actually lived here.

With dad, he was the ultimate wildlife warrior and we admired him more than anything.

I do remember he gave me a piece of advice that has stuck with me forever. He said, ‘You have to treat animals the way you wish to be treated.’ Which is so true.

Bindi already has over 220,000 followers on her Instagram and that number seems only destined to increase given some of the pictures that she posts. Take a look at them on the slideshow – it’s probably not going to be too long until we see a female crocodile hunter. Or Crocodile Hunter: The Next Generation or the equivalent.

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