Steve Aoki’s Ridiculous Rider

Steve Aoki

Does Steve Aoki wipe back to front or front to back? We can’t answer that but we can see what he demands on his rock star rider.

Steve Aoki (pictured above taking a photo of himself while crowd surfing at his own gig) is a man about town.

Aoki started Dim Mak records back in 1996, releasing the likes of Bloody Beetroots and MSTRKRFT. He’s also known for DJing at massive parties and released an album at the start of this year which featured artists such as Travis Barker and Snoop Dogg. I’ve always got the impression that Steve Aoki is a party kind of guy. He likes what he does and he does what he likes. Being born in Miami and growing up in California with rich ass parents can never be a bad thing, and then pursuing a successful career as a producer, DJ and record label owner no doubt helps you get out of bed in the morning.

It’s always interesting to get a glance at how these kind of brehs actually live. What do they eat for breakfast? What’s their ringtone set as? Do they wipe back to front or front to back? Well we can’t answer any of those but we can have a quick peek into what Steve Aoki’s before and after gig antics are like, as a copy of his rider has been posted on the interwebs. Check it out below. Notable items include a rubber dingy, a couple of Dim Mak cakes, an 1/8 of local weed and a few bottles of Crystal. Baller.

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Steve Aoki Rider

Steve Aoki Rider


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