People Are Accusing Stephen Fry Of Being A White Supremacist Because He Flashed The ‘OK’ Symbol

Welcome to 2019.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a growing section of people who believe the ‘OK’ hand sign is a symbol of white supremacy and to throw it up means that you are part of the alt-right. Seriously.

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Apparently some 4chan trolls started the theory in 2017 as an internet joke to see how easy it would be to manipulate the media and idiots on the internet… and it turned out to be very easy indeed.

The idea picked up steam after the New Zealand terrorist – an admitted internet shit-stirrer himself – flashed the sign during his court case:

Not to mention all the other blatant white supremacists using the sign:

So anyway, as Mental Health Awareness week kicked off, Stephen Fry shared this photo and message on Twitter showing his support for London’s AOK Kitchen:

Like clockwork, the dumbest people on Twitter came out to have their say:

As you might expect, Stephen was having none of it:

Superb collection of adjectives there.

Thankfully, not everyone on Twitter has lost their minds just yet:

It really is sad that the guy can’t make a simple post about mental health awareness without some ‘woke’ idiots getting involved and trying to make it into something it isn’t. Even the ones who aren’t necessarily accusing him of being alt right but still warning him that he shouldn’t use the symbol in case it is misinterpreted – get a damn grip. It’s the international symbol for ‘OK’, always has been, always will be no matter how many self-confessed white supremacists want to appropriate it or what some troll on 4chan would have you believe.

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