Stephen Fry Quits Twitter After Internet Losers Take Offence To This BAFTAS Joke He Made

Cry-babies on Twitter are ruining everything.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad word said about Stephen Fry. The guy is a real national treasure and one of the wittiest, most interesting and generally likeable people around.

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So it’s disappointing to hear that he’s deleted his Twitter account after a bunch of Internet pussies freaked out over a harmless joke he made at the BAFTAs.

Costume designer Jenny Beaven had just left the stage after collecting her award for Best Costume Designer (Mad Max: Fury Road), when Fry, who was hosting, said:

Only one of the great cinematic costume designers would come to the awards ceremony dressed like a bag lady.


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Harmless, light-hearted joke between friends right? Not according to these cry-babies:

Fry, who we all know is a sensitive soul, responded with a couple Tweets himself:


He then decided to delete his Twitter completely and not have to deal with the PC idiots that dominate the Internet anymore.

David Baddiel & Matt Lucas said it best:

To listen to Stephen Fry’s 10/10 answer as to what he’d say if ever met God face to face, click HERE.


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