Stephen Bear Has Landed A 60p An Hour Job Stripping Wires In Prison

How the mighty fall.

Seems like we can’t get enough of the stories about how revenge porn leaker Stephen Bear is having a really crxppy time in prison, so here’s another one about how he’s got a really awful new job that’s hardly paying him anything whilst he’s in the slammer.

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Apparently Bear has a couple of jobs in prison, being paid £3.60 a week to package tea and coffee and 60p an hour to pull wires out from their plastics. And if that wasn’t the absolute worst, all the other inmates are apparently making fun of him for his new job and calling him the ‘tea boy’.

Sounds like he really has hit rock bottom there doesn’t it? Here’s what a source had to say about it:

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He’s gone from stupid stunts with a Rolls-Royce and fur coats outside court to making packs of teabags and coffee for three quid a week.

He is trying to keep himself busy but the other inmates are laughing about him being the ‘tea boy’.

Lol I mean that is kind of funny but if the worst thing that’s happening to the guy in prison is that some guys are calling him the tea boy then I think he should probably be pretty happy with how it’s going. Has he never seen a movie or a TV show about people in prison? They’re almost always constantly getting battered and raping each other, not just doing boring menial jobs which obviously kind of suck but aren’t life threatening or traumatising. It’s really not that bad considering.

Anyway time for Bear to suck it up now and stop being a wuss, he did the crime so now it’s time to do the time. Looking forward to updates like this for the next couple of years.

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