Washington based urban-wear brand, SPKSMEN deliver the second drop from their Spring 2011 collection.

Washington based urban-wear brand SPKSMEN have just released the second drop for their Spring 2011 collection. The brand draws inspiration from “retro art, hip-hop, and urban culture”, which is clear to see throughout this line.

The 2nd spring delivery features a number of classic t-shirts in different colours.

The designs are simple yet striking which is always a good thing for a brand to be able to achieve. I especially like the t-shirt featured in the image above.Through this t-shirt design in particular it’s clear to see that SPKSMEN take inspiration from retro art  – the graphic reminds me massively of a sign that should be outside of a 60’s american diner, but maybe that’s just me?

From reviewing SPKSMEN’s spring 2011 drop I feel I am obliged to highly recommend it. The simplicity of the t-shirts is something to be admired due to how much attention they are still able to demand. People will want to know about this brand if they see someone wearing it, so lets just hope the shipping costs to the UK aren’t extortionate.

Check out SPKSMEN’s website here.


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