Watch The Spanish Laughing Man Perfectly Sum Up How Everyone Feels About Trump’s Win


And they still voted for him.

‘El Risitas’ refers to a video remix series based on a TV interview with the Spanish comedian and actor Juan Joya Borja, better known by his name ‘El Risitas’ (The Giggles).

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Although this dude started off his fame in sketch shows, he’s become world famous for using his mocking laugh to rip into political figures and incidents such as Vladimir Putin and Brexit. But I thought it would be relevant to post about the time he put his giggling to Donald Trump’s success with the presidential election, perfectly summing up how utterly dumb it is that anyone voted for him in the first place.

You seeing this Trump supporters? I hope that laughter replays in your nightmares when Donald Trump is pulling the trigger to World War 3 and your family have been reduced to living out of garbage cans.

Only kidding – I don’t think it would be possible for Trump to cause that much damage. Hopefully the rest of the party will just shove him in a sandbox with a few toys and some attractive women while they get on with running the country.

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