Southern Rail Commuters Are So Miserable, They’ve Resorted To Punching Each Other


Southern fail.

Commuters who get the Southern Rail to and from work each morning are apparently so stressed about train delays and cancellations that they’ve started to punch each other.

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Any of you who have to get the dreaded Southern Rail to work and back will know that there have been severe disruptions to the running of the rail line due to the Rail, Maritime and Transport union’s three-day strikes over disputes about Southern Rail, meaning its services have been cut by more than a third. And if that wasn’t bad enough, engineering work between Brighton and Gatwick Airport means that additional trains have been facing delays of up to an hour.

That is of course on top of the fact that the morning commute is shitty enough, knowing that you’re having to pay thousands of pounds to cram yourself onto a tin deathtrap, just so that you can be transported to your miserable office job. God I’m so happy that I work from my bed right now.

This hotpot of misery, frustration and shitty train service has led to a number of fights and brawls after people have been trying to squeeze themselves onto already packed carriages or push past people on busy platforms. Sounds like an absolute fucking nightmare.

Hopefully the strikes will end soon, although that still probably won’t answer the problems for the actual staff of the Southern Rail. This is what happens when you privatise a public service. All the money goes to the people at the top, so we end up with unhappy and underpaid employees, shitty service and obscene train fares. Make it public already for fuck’s sake. For more on this matter, here’s an open letter to Southern Rail: go fuck yourself.


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