The New ‘South Park’ Trailer Will Get You Totally Hyped For The Upcoming 20th Series

South Park


It’s that time of year again. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are bringing us the 20th series of ‘South Park’, starting from September 14th. Best news ever.

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To mark the occasion, they’ve decided to make this trailer, which they have called ‘South Park by the Numbers’. The clip throws in some interesting figures about the show, in between some of our favourite SP moments. Probably one of the most insane numbers is that there are now 46 billion minutes of the cartoon. That’s a lotta animation.

Did you spot your favourite bit? I pretty much favour all of the Randy moments – he’s by far the best character. Also the ‘Gay Fish’ bit, because that episode completely and utterly destroyed Kanye West.

I wonder what they’re going to rip in their 20th season? Surely ‘Pokemon Go’ has got to get a mention. And something on Trump. I know they’ve already done Trump, but I don’t think they went in hard enough.

Anyway, back to Randy. To read more about why he is the best ‘South Park’ character, click HERE.


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