South Dakota Spends £350,000 On Anti Drugs Campaign That Literally Says ‘Meth. I’m On It’

Money well spent.

A lot of people are on drugs in America and it therefore makes sense that US local governments would invest a lot of money into anti drugs campaigns to try and get people off them and discourage people from starting on them.

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What doesn’t make any sense however is that they would spend £350,000 on a drug campaign where the tagline is literally ‘Meth. I’m on it’, but this for somer eason is exactly what the state of South Dakota has decided to do, subsequently implying that the whole state is full of meth addicts. The aim of the campaign is apparently to focus on communities coming together to stop the scourge of methamphetamine screwing up their state with advising agency Broadhead saying the tagline will create ‘a movement for all South Dakotans to take an active role in keeping their state a great place to live’, but sadly people are just assuming it means that South Dakota is just a bunch of methhead rednecks.

If you’re a bit confused about what we mean, then take a look at these ads that the state is leading with – they just seem to imply that everyone pictured in them is on meth:

The advertising campaign has since gone viral with many people questioning how nobody involved in the process could have foreseen that their intentions could very easily be misconstrued and widely mocked/condemned for being so stupid. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is still proud of the campaign though, saying the following:

This a bold, innovative effort like the nation has never before seen.

I am confident South Dakota can lead the country in this effort and demonstrate ways we can aggressively combat addiction and spark opportunities for recovery.

This is our problem and together, we need to get on it.

Again, probably not the best for Noem to say ‘get on it’ at the end again because of the massively negative connotations associated with that, but I suppose if you’re gonna back something like this it’s gotta be all or nothing really hasn’t it? Maybe it will get people talking about the meth problem in South Dakota but really I think it’s probably just gonna get people laughing at South Dakota more likely than not. So it goes.

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