You Won’t Believe The Hole This Sour Warhead Lolly Burned In This Little Kid’s Tongue

Really living up to its name.

Getting a lollipop when you’re a little kid is like getting a really awesome treat, but not when it ends up burning a hole in your tongue.

Incredibly, that’s what one little dude named Lachlan Canak from Sydney Australia had to deal with when his mommy bought him a Warhead Juniors Extreme Sour lolly. You can see the damage it caused in the photo below. Ouch.

Burnt Tongue

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Lachlan’s mommy obviously wasn’t too stoked about the damage that he had received from simply sucking on a lollipop, and so posted the above picture on Facebook along with the following warning for any other parents:

I really felt the need to share this photo: this happened after he was eating sour war head candy. It has burnt a hole in his tongue.


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In fairness to the candy brand, it is marketed as an extreme candy and comes with a warning that ‘‘eating multiple pieces within a short time period may cause a temporary irritation to sensitive tongues and mouth’. It is also not recommended for children under four, but unfortunately Lachlan is seven, so they’re not going to really get away with claiming that.

Still, it seems like an isolated case but man you’ve been warned if you ever want to stick that candy in your mouth again. I wouldn’t do it if I was you.


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