Song Dissection – feat. Britney Spears: Scream and Shout

This is what happens when you merge “The Voice” with “The X-Factor”

Well it’s that time again (in fact I’m a little late, but that’s rock n roll for ya!) to dissect another top ten tune, and this week it’s time to get under the sheets with “Scream and Shout” by (are you? Yes I am!) and Britney Spears, so let’s get started.

So after a headache inducing intro instructs us to bring the action, sure thing Will, are you bringing the ale? Then Britney informs us that when we hear them in the club, to turn this shit up!  Now firstly I have to congratulate Britney here, she could have easily sold us up the river by saying that this was in fact a fvcking amazing tune and you would have to be a complete loser not to like it, but she has been honest and open and informed us it is shit, kudos!  But just to point out that if we are unfortunate enough to be in the club that plays this little ditty, we would have no power to turn it up.  We could ask the DJ but asking for a song is painful enough.

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Britney then goes on to say that “See the boys in the club, all eyes on us!”  Yes Britney, they’re probably wondering why you’re speaking in some weird faux English accent, or why you have hair on your head.  “Everybody in the club, all eyes on us!”  Please see the aforementioned! kicks in with his Dalek voice “I wanna scream and shout, and let it all out!” Well feel free Mr., Britney has ensured beforehand that this shit be turned up, so either way you’re winning.  He then goes onto sing about what I thought was a biscuit, “Oreo, Oreo” but once the ringing in my ears had stopped he was actually singing “Oh we oh we oh we oh!” which makes less sense then singing about a biscuit!  We are then informed we are rocking with and “Britney bitch” Yayyyy…..

So far the subject matter is that you are in a club, you have to turn this shit up and you are indeed rocking with and Britney Spears, ok so maybe there are some lyrics there that we have to examine, have to really read between the lines to understand the true meaning of the track.

“Hey Yo, rock it out and rock it now!” Errrmm my names not Yo but okayyyy, “If you know what we talking about!” Well actually I don’t but…. “Turn it down and burn down the house!” Whhoooaaahhh I’m all up for a laugh but burning a house down, come on `, that shit ain’t dope! “Hey Yo, rock it out and rock it now!” Yeah as I said my name isn’t Yo but yeah I get the message, rock it out and rock it now, and I really want to believe me, it’s just that this track is making me want to pierce my own ear drums with a knitting needle!  The rest of the track is purely a repeat of the first half, you know, where we have to turn this shit up, and everybody’s looking at them whilst we rock it out and rock it in or whatever,

So in conclusion the song is about the song itself, one in which we must turn it up should we be in a club, and in that club everybody will be looking at them, not you!  Oh and that Britney Spears is a bitch!  Little fun fact that apparently Tulisa recorded a version of this song, we are unsure as to whether it is as fvcking shit as this version, but it probably is!

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