Son Bites Off Stepdad’s Ear During A Row About Andy Murray

Warning: graphic content.

A man was left permanently disfigured following an argument with his stepson about whether Wimbledon champion Andy Murray is Scottish or British.

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Instead of resolving the argument by Googling it, Lee Clarke decided the only way to settle it was to bite his stepdad Alistair Wilson’s ear off. Seems a tad OTT if you ask me.

Clarke claims that Wilson initially put him in a headlock and pulled him to the ground. Clarke then bit him on what he thought was his stepdad’s arm, but instead he took a chunk out of his ear. Clarke added: 


It was a silly argument over whether Andy Murray is British or Scottish. I have nothing against the Scots, most of my family are Scottish, but I regard myself as British.

Andy is British, but he is also Scottish.

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Defence solicitor Clare Russell pointed out that alcohol and anger were factors in the incident. Well that explains a lot.

Meanwhile prosecutor Michelle Molley said it wasn’t clear who out of the two had started the fight:

Clarke stated he was unable to breathe, so he proceeded to bite what he believed was the victim’s arm but turned out to be the victim’s ear.

Alistair Wilson

Apparently surgeons attempted to reattach the ear, but the parts didn’t heal and had to be cut away. Tough luck dude – hopefully next time these two will settle their differences with the power of reason and logic instead of disfiguring each other’s body parts.

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