Someone Ordered Cheesy Chips From Wetherspoons And This Is What They Received

Cheesy Chips

Brexit Britain.

Everyone knows how good cheesy chips are but there’s a very real chance that you can get it completely wrong and it can end up being absolutely horrendous – with that said though I don’t think I’ve ever seen as horrific a display as in the picture that you see above.

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Pretty much the one characteristic that defines cheesy chips is that the cheese has to be grated up and melted all over the chips, so you can understand why 20 year old Angus Scott was so outraged when he received the above meal from the Wetherspoons in Edinburgh Airport. I mean it’s like they haven’t even bothered to try with it really, or perhaps someone in the kitchen was playing a prank or it was actually being filmed for some kind of wind up television show.

Honestly, look at the state of this again:

Absolutely awful. Some eagle eyed Twitter users are claiming that Angus set up the situation to try and get more likes on Twitter because the plate isn’t one that Wetherspoons are traditionally known for serving food on, but he had this to say to the doubters:

It was Edinburgh Airport so how could I smuggle in cheese to frame it?

I mean that is a good point because nobody is getting a slice of cheese past those security checks are they? And to be honest why would the guy even make it up – is it really going to make him cool to tell everyone he had a meal like this from Wetherspoons? No, it isn’t. Would anyone have such a vendetta against vendetta that they would manufacture a situation as stupid as this? No, I don’t think that’s the case either.

Wetherspoons themselves are refusing to comment on the situation which isn’t helping their cause. Hopefully this isn’t another change in their menu that’s happened due to Brexit. Heaven forbid.

For more cheesy chips, check out Domino’s now selling cheesy chips and gravy. Mmmmmm.


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