Someone Keeps Leaving Cash Bundles Of £2000 Around A Small Village Named Blackhall Colliery

Why are they doing this?

Sometimes we write a story on this website that is just plain weird and there’s no explanation for why someone is doing it besides to screw with people and this is 100% one of those times.

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You’ve probably never even heard of the town of Blackhall Collierry up in County Durham, but if ever you’re in the area you might wanna stop through and pay a visit because there’s a good chance that you might find £2000 just lying around on the floor. It turns out that someone in the area has been leaving these wads of £2000 in £20 notes lying around on the floor with 12 of them being discovered in the last five years.

There could even have been more but these are only the ones that have been handed in by residents. They’re allowed to keep the money though eventually as if nobody claims it within two weeks then it’s handed back to the person who finds it – and this has happened every time so far.

The police have tried to figure out who keeps doing it, but there aren’t any fingerprints left on the bundles and they don’t have any leads either, having interviewed local banks and post offices about them as well as a bunch of residents. Detective Constable John Forster, of Peterlee CID, said the following about the mystery:

These bundles are always left in plain sight such as on pavements and discovered by random members of the public who have handed them in.

This could be the work of a Good Samaritan but we would like to thank the residents who have shown incredible community spirit by handing the money in.

The circumstances remain a mystery so we would welcome any information that will help us get to the bottom of these random incidents.

Yeah I mean whoever is behind the packages is definitely doing it for the banter and seeing everyone having no idea that it’s them as they go about their life, absolutely no doubt about that. And for once it’s not a horrible get and one that actually benefits the community so you really gotta rate it. Might even go as far as to say that this person behind it might even leave them in spots where he can figure out who will find them first so the people finding them get the most benefit. Seems well thought out enough for that to be a possibility.

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