Someone Has Photoshopped Kanye West’s Face Onto His Daughter And It Totally Rules

Kanye West Photoshopped North West


Everyone knows that Kanye West and babies have something in common – they both love being the centre of attention and both love being able to show off all the time. Also, has anyone noticed before how similar Kanye West and his daughter actually look?

So why not photoshop Kanye West’s face onto that of his daughter to combine all the elements of those two statements into some wonderful meta photographs. That’s exactly what Elliot Wagland over at the Huffington Post UK did and the results couldn’t be more spectacular.

Check them out on the slideshow below by using the arrow keys to scroll left and right. The only question really is why hasn’t something like this happened sooner. If you enjoyed this then check out all the people that Kanye West has ever compared himself to after – surprisingly North West isn’t on there yet.

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