Someone Has Created A Thread Of Highlights Of The Most Iconic ‘Come Dine With Me’ Episode Ever

You know the one.

You can’t really get better than ‘Come Dine With Me’ when you just want to veg out in front of the television and mess around texting your mates and dip in and out when something funny happens, but I’m sure every one of us has seen that classic clip of that Peter guy going absolutely mental when he loses the competition. It’s one of the most iconic moments of TV history.

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I remember at the time when it came out and it went viral, but I never had the time or inclination to watch the whole week of meals that eventually led up to that moment. Thankfully though, some guy decided to watch it this week and put up a thread of highlights from the week that make Peter’s meltdown at the end even better. Enjoy:

Wow. That’s so much better with everything else put in as well. There’s normally a bit of beef between some of the guests on the show but the verbal spats between Jane and Peter were really something else and I’m not really sure what either of them were trying to achieve in their relationship to be honest.

Even funnier how the other two got caught in the crossfire as well. What an episode.

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