Watch A Soldier Volunteer For A ‘Fast-1’ And Get 12 Thick Needles Slammed Into His Sternum

Fast 1

‘It feels like I got stabbed in the chest with a sword.’

In the army, a ‘fast-1’ is what they call an Intraosseous Infusion. It’s basically placing a canular directly into the bone marrow of the sternum.

It functions just like an IV, but instead of being placed into a vein, it’s placed directly into the marrow chamber of the bone. Apparently if someone is in shock it can be kind of hard to find a vein, so they use this method instead. It’s also a lot quicker if it’s a real serious emergency that needs to be sorted ASAP.

Unfortunately, the major side effect of this is that it completely and utterly nails the person who is receiving it. Apparently it feels like someone stabbing you in the chest with a sword according to this idiotic marine who volunteered to get one in a demo. Pretty sure he regrets that.

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Oof yeah, thanks but not thanks. Absolutely no way I want that to ever happen to me unless it’s completely 100% unavoidable. Not being in the military though, I feel like it’s going to be something that I’ll be able to avoid during my life.

Here’s hoping. Good to know that the option exists if I ever need it though.

Looks more painful than this guy getting stabbed in the head with a knife at the estate agents to be honest. I mean he didn’t even notice it somehow so it must have been way worse.


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