Social Media Users Are Fuming About The LGBT Rainbow Poppy

Is this disrespecting the poppy?

Remembrance Day is one of the most important and well respected days in the calendar and it seemed to me that it was something that nobody could get offended by – but it turns out I was wrong, again.

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It turns out that the LGBT community didn’t feel as though they were represented fairly by the traditional red poppy and inaugural LGBT poet Laureate Trudy Howson introduced the concept of a rainbow poppy in 2016. Posting this on her website, she said the following for introducing it:

The rainbow poppy is a campaign I’m running to bring attention to the brave soldiers who died for our country during WWI at a time when their sexuality was still criminalised.

I mean I guess that’s kind of fair enough, but then people started selling them and all kinds of shit kicked off with a bunch of social media users saying that it completely disrespected the original red poppy. Here’s a bunch of replies:

I mean normally this is the part where I say one side is stupid and come to a reasonable conclusion about everything, but I can kind of see what both sets of people are saying here:

1) The poppy is a traditional symbol that has a deep meaning in this country and shouldn’t be altered under any circumstances as it’s an institution
2) LGBT+ fought in the war and were often dishonourably discharged or even chemically castrated for their sexuality (see Alan Turing) and they think their sacrifices should be specifically remembered
3) Red poppies include everyone so traditional wearers don’t think that the LGBT community need a separate one

Kinda agree with all three of those statements and see where both sides are coming from, but the fact is there’s a purple poppy for animals, a white poppy for civilians and those who refused to fight and a black one for black, African and Caribbean communities’ contribution to the war effort and I’ve never seen anyone kick off about them, so maybe that’s saying something about the people going crazy about this? Just saying.

But in order to appease everyone, I think utdStephx up there in the tweets probably has the best solution. Makes a lot of sense.

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