Journalists Arriving At Sochi Live Tweet Their Crap Hotel Rooms

No one expects Sochi to be ready in time (except Putin) but journalists have been Tweet-winging (Twinging?) the states of their hotel rooms. Pretty funny stuff.

Journalist Live Tweet - Sochi - katiebakes

Journalist Live Tweet - Sochi - barnas

Dmitry Chernyshenko, president of Sochi’s Olympic “organising” committee, shared this Twitter winge with a CNN producer who “Twinged” that only one of the network’s 11 requested rooms was ready for them:

Journalist Live Tweet - Sochi - CNN reekie sochi

I can never normally be arsed to watch the mutual back-scratch-athon that is the Olympic Games opening ceremony. But I may well change a habit of a life time for Sochi. It’s being aired in the UK at 11:00am tomorrow. I doing a sicky from work. I have got to see what other disasters are waiting in the wings.

Yes, maybe it is a little sick to revel in other people’s cock-ups, but to be quite honest I’m sick of people reveling in mine. If a few people fall down manholes and some of the bunting falls off the walls we can all have a giggle. Let’s just hope nothing more sinister goes down…

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