Photographer Uses Homemade Lens To Take Incredible Macro Snowflake Pictures

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Using a DIY camera rig that he made himself, Russian photographer Alexey Kljtov has taken some of the most remarkable pictures of snowflakes ever.

Photographer Alexey Kljtov has created an ingenious new DIY camera rig that enables you to capture awesome close up pictures of individual snowflakes. His setup uses a board, a screw, some tape, a piece of glass and a lens from an old Russian camera – that’s it. He describes how to make it in a lot more detail in his blog, which I’ve linked to at the end of this post as I figured most people reading this weren’t camera geeks so wouldn’t be interested in a lengthy explanation. Here’s what it looks like though:

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Pretty ghetto right? The perceived shoddyneess of the setup doesn’t affect the quality of the photos though, as some of the shots he’s got below are incredible. As you probably know, every single snowflake ever is unique so Kljatov really does succeed in creating an amazing collection – not only just down to his innovative photography techniques but also via his choice of subject.

Snowflake Photograph 2

Snowflake Photography 1

Snowflake Photograph 12

Snowflake Photograph 11

Snowflake Photograph 10

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