Swedish survivor is found alive after two months of being inside his car which was buried by snow. Hibernated and drank melted snow.


Fvck Bear Grylls. He’s a liar, anyway. This guy’s a real survivor.

Peter Skyllberg, from Sweden, was found in his car, which was buried by snow, on a desolate country-road recently after surviving two months inside, alone, where he managed to stay alive by drinking melted snow. His food and beer and stuff had run out so he had no other option but to survive on the elements. Temperatures got as low as -22 and the only explanation that can be given for Peter staying alive is his body shutting down and going into a state of hibernation. A bit like a bear (a real one, not Grylls). Apparently, if your body has a low temperature, such as Peter’s – which was 31 degrees – the body gets used to it and adjusts so not much energy is used up.

Two months alone, in the snow. He missed his Christmas turkey and he probably didn’t even get smashed at New Year’s Eve, but his beer had run out so for all I know, he could have been in a worse state than I was.

He could just about talk when he was found, mumbled a few words, and was in a really bad state. But at least he survived. That’s will-power and determination for you right there.

His neighbours have said he’d got into a bit of debt (how the fvck would they know that? Nosy as fvck) and is a bit of a loner and he just disappeared one day. They also said that it was a bit of joke for them (who are these people?! Worst neighbours in existence) and that when they heard about someone being found in the snow they joked it was Peter but then when it actually was him they couldn’t believe it. Well, he won’t be living next to them for much longer or won’t be in much debt because he’s bound to have some sort of book-deal after this. Everyone who fucks themselves up and survives in harsh conditions manages to get some sort of book/film/TV deal.

Perhaps his plan worked out, after all.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIlCwfVcFQc’]


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