‘Snotpop’ Is Here With The Arrival Of Flesh

Flesh Promo Shot

A brand new genre of music apparently.

Manchester quartet Flesh claim to have invented a whole new genre with their take on music which they’ve loving named Snotpop, and to be honest there couldn’t be a better name for it judging by the sound of debut single Vauxhall Cassanova – which you can download for free here. It basically combines jangly guitars, snarling Manchester accents and the long forgotten Britpop sound to excellent effect, creating a catchy, laid back and snotty pop hit which also features some nifty lead guitar work.

The best thing that Flesh have done so far though is to choose to market themselves not through a Facebook page or Twitter profile like so many other bands, but instead to put all the members on Tinder and to solely try and pick up new fans via that. So far, it seems to be working and you can check out the members’ Tinder profiles below their video.

It’s easy to see this kind of music catching on in the future – and apparently they’ve got some pretty big time record label interest – so expect big things from the boys.

Flesh Tinder 1

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