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In case you missed it a couple of months ago Snoop Dogg is now called Snoop Lion, I’m not really sure why but I think it has something to do with him pursuing a reggae career and wanting his name to reflect that? Whatever, it isn’t that important for this article other than getting it straight who we’re talking about.

Basically Snoop Lion or Snoop Dogg or whatever you want to call him has teamed up with EA sports to help promote the new FIFA ’13 game which should be out by about the time you’re reading this (of course if you’re a serious FIFA player than you probably won’t be reading this until November because you’ll have been sitting in your bedroom playing Master League (or the equivalent) for the past 6 weeks). Apparently Snoop is a big fan of FIFA and football in general – I guess you can tell this by the Spain shirt he’s wearing in the shoot out video below because that really marks him out as a ‘legitimate soccer fan.’ He’s actually in a new cut of that cool FIFA ’13 advert  that’s doing the rounds at the moment where the guy goes into the club house and all the famous players are there, you can see that at the bottom of this article.

But yeah, over in the States obviously FIFA ’13 isn’t as big a deal as it is over here so they needed to get people like Snoop Dogg in to promote it as most of them probably don’t even know who Lionel Messi is. Retards. So in order to do this they roped Snoop Dogg in to showcase some of his football/soccer skills on ESPN, live. It actually starts off pretty well with Snoop Dogg doing this really funny walk up to a free kick which is about 10 yards from the goal and the presenter offering dumbass comments like ‘looks like you’re going for a field goal there Snoop.’

It all goes pear shaped from there on though as Snoop takes the shot, clipping it just off the top of the bar. He then gets another go and proceeds to whack it off the crossbar again. The presenter kinda feels sorry for him and tells him to put the rebound in this time, which he manages to do just about, but it’s a pretty embarrassing state of affairs for everyone involved. I know it isn’t that funny to make fun of dumb Americans but couldn’t they have just filmed a cut where he got the goal in? That would have been way better and pretty easy to sort out huh and looked a hell of a lot better? Now Snoop Lion/Dogg just looks like an idiot who can’t even kick a ball properly. He should probably have tried to blag he thought it was crossbar challenge but he probably isn’t a big enough football fan to know what that is.

Anyway here’s the video, the walk up to kick the ball is definitely the best part or maybe the idiot presenter:


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