Snoop Dogg’s UFC Hosting Debut Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day



Everyone absolutely loved it when Snoop Dogg started narrating nature videos – he came out with some golden one-liners – which is why we were stoked to see that he’s back again, this time hosting his first ever UFC fight. And boy does he make it special.

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Last week the video emerged showing Snoop going next level crazy for fighter Sean O’Malley on ‘Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series’, following a one punch KO from the fighter. It quickly becomes obvious who Snoop is routing for:

He did not disappoint – I absolutely love the “three piece dinner with biscuits” comment, not to mention the incessant screams of “O’Malley” over and over again. How good must he have felt after the fight?

Speaking of which, turns out O’Malley was one of the breakout stars of the show and as such, that apparently earns you entry into Snoop’s after party. Here’s the two blazing a spliff after the fight:


For more Snoop Dogg, did you know he’s now partnered with Tanqueray Gin to make Gin ‘n’ Juice cool again? Fingers in pies.


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