Snoop Doggs Steps Up As Moses In Rap Battle Against Santa


Snoop Dogg takes on Santa Claus in this epic rap battle while smoking the burning bush and calling on G O single D. Classic Snoop.


Yeah soz guys I keep calling him Snoop Dogg because every time I say/write Snoop Lion it just feels weird so I’m gonna stick with Dogg for the foreseeable future. Anyway, Snoop Dogg has just made my Christmas by making this video.

Snoop’s been real busy lately, only last week we were writing about how he got really stoned and went on Reddit and did an Ask Me Anything, now he’s getting even more stoned and teaming up with some video producers to film an epic rap battle. The video’s real simple: a rap battle between Moses and Santa Claus. Now this would probably be really boring and crap if just anyone made it, but the fact that Snoop Dogg plays Moses instantly makes it completely sick.

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The guys behind the video are well known for making ‘Epic Rap Battles’ between famous fictional characters. They’ve done Barack Obama VS Mitt Romney, Dr Who VS Doc Brown, Batman VS Sherlock Holmes and now just in time for Xmas Moses VS Santa.

Snoop plays Moses and is obviously high throughout the whole thing (when isn’t Snoop high?) and Santa even tells him to stop smoking the ‘burning bush’. Snoop drops the ‘G O SINGLE D’ line which is pretty classic and shows he’s still got it. The beat sounds like a typical Snoop/Dre beats with some Christmas chimes thrown in for good measure. Check it:

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