Snoop Dogg’s New Book – Designed To Get You High (Literally)

Snoop Dogg just dropped a new book. It actually gets you high.

So Snoop Dogg has released a new book. His autobiography? No. A guide to his favourite types of marijuana? Not quite. This is actually a book of king size super slim rolling papers. BUT the rolling papers have old school Snoop Dogg lyrics written on them. Awesome right? Although you would think if you’re actually the kind of person that is going to be buying this book then you probably know all the words to Snoop’s back catalogue already because you’re probably cranking it every time you roll up a fat doob. Which is also probably multiple times a day. Still, I guess if you’re that baked you might need reminding of some of his dope-ass rhymes every now and again.

I guess the idea is that you’re smoking the essence of Snoop or something. Kinda like when the Outlawz smoked Tupac’s ashes, although nothing like it at all really. You could probably make a really good case for the comparison if you were baked though. The front cover of the book is also made from hemp, and the spine of the book has one of those surfaces you get on a matchbox, so you know you can light your joint with a match, rather than a lighter. Not sure why you would wanna do that but whatever, it’s cool and innovative right, and that’s what every stoner is looking for huh?

In fairness Snoop’s book might be kind of useful for stoners because it looks like there are quite a few pages and that they’re quite wide, so maybe you can use each page for two joints or something. In any case, running out of rizlas and having to go to the store is every stoner’s worst nightmare, so having Snoop’s book as a backup with emergency papers probably isn’t such a bad idea.

Here’s a video of Snoop Dogg explaining the features of his new book. Incidentally it’s called ‘Rolling Words.’ Smart huh?

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